Student Mentorship Program

We are pleased to provide our AOCPMR members with a mentorship program that we hope will offer a personal resource for guidance in both career and personal life while promoting social relationships within our specialty college.

Everyone remembers trying to navigate his or her way through the medical school and residency process. One thing that helped so many of us was having some form of mentorship along the way. The AOCPMR mentorship program seeks to make this connection easier by facilitating the pairing of AOCPMR student members, resident members, and practicing physicians.

The time commitment to serve as a mentor is small, but the impact is enormous, and the relationships formed can be invaluable.

Hear from one of our AOCPMR Resident Members (below), Dr. Carter Newey, about his experience with the AOCPMR Mentorship Program. 

“I’m grateful for the AOCPMR Mentorship Program for helping me along my path to PM&R residency. During medical school, I was paired with an awesome mentor who helped me gain valuable musculoskeletal skills and showed me how OMM can be incorporated into PM&R practice. During a rotation I had with him, he took the time to talk with me over lunch, answering the many questions I had about PM&R and explained how to be a successful applicant for residency. Later at an academic conference, he involved me as an assistant for both his research project as well as a workshop he taught. When application season approached, he wrote me a letter of recommendation, becoming a key part of my application and helping me match into PM&R residency. Through these experiences, I developed a greater understanding of the value of having a mentor in PM&R and feel inspired to serve as a future mentor to those who were in my shoes not long ago.”-
Carter Newey
Dr. Carter M. Newey

Thank you in advance for your time, support, and commitment to this program.

You can expect to receive a pairing within two weeks of submitting this form!

Please note: If you have any technical issues filling out this form, please contact Eric Nguyen or Abigail Rodgers

Current AOCPMR Mentorship Chairs:

Garet Dunivin ┃OMS-IV

Emily Toy ┃OMS-IV┃