Awards & Scholarships

Congratulations 2024 Mid Year Meeting Student Scholarship Recipients!

Jennifer Addleman
Danielle Broussard
Ryan Keller
Gerardo Rivera-Colón

Congratulations 2024 Student Chapter of the Year: Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

And 2024 Student Chapter Runner-Up: Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine

Chapter of the Year Award
The annual Chapter of the Year Award is an esteemed recognition celebrating the excellence of AOCPMR Student Chapters. Throughout the year, we will be accepting event submissions from our chapter affiliates and establishing a leaderboard.  Submissions that are held in person should include media attachments. We strongly urge chapters to establish a robust social media presence and tag AOCPMR in their event posts. In the Spring before the AOCPMR Mid-Year Meeting, we will tally the points earned by each chapter and honor the most active and impactful clubs.
The winner of the award will receive $700, while a runner-up will receive $300. Additionally, both winners will be acknowledged at the MYM Murray Klein dinner.
Submissions between April 8, 2024 – March 15, 2025 will be accepted. Chapters must be registered with AOCPMR to be considered. 
Please click here to track submissions. 
Contact with any inquiries.
The point system for evaluation encompasses several categories:
Category 1: Club Activities and Meetings
  • Regular Meetings: 5 points (one per academic semester)
  • Guest Speaker Events: 10 points
Category 2: Community Engagement and Outreach
  • Community Service Project : 15 points (per project)
  • Rehabilitation Awareness Campaigns: 10 points (per project)
Category 3: Research and Academic
  • Poster Presentations at Conferences: 15 points (per poster)
  • Hosting a Journal Club: 10 points
Category 4: Education and Awareness
  • Development of Educational Materials (brochures, videos, etc.): 10 points
  • Participation in Medical School Orientation/Events: 10 points (with club presence at initial club fair)
  • Workshops or Skill Development Sessions: 15 points (e.g., OMT, U/S, anatomy workshop)
Category 5: Collaboration and Networking
  • Active MSC Members: 5 points per member of COM
  • Presence at AOCPMR Events (Journal Clubs, Presentations, etc.): 3 points per member in attendance
MYM Scholarship
We are pleased to announce the availability of four $250 scholarships specifically designated for resident and student members attending our Mid Year Meeting. This prestigious scholarship opportunity is exclusively open to residents and students who will be physically present at the event. To be eligible, applicants must possess current resident or student membership with AOCPMR and either submit a short video or a short essay on the topic: “What does osteopathic physiatry mean to me?”
We urge all eligible residents and students to seize this invaluable opportunity to enhance their engagement at the MYM, supported by AOCPMR. 
Questions? Contact AOCPMR