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Integration and innovation: merging integrative medicine with newest innovations in physiatry.

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The vision of the American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is that we are dedicated to providing leadership for the PMR profession and to providing a home to osteopathic PMR practitioners.

The AOCPMR provides added value services to its members in the areas of advocacy, education and practice. AOCPMR values camaraderie, excellence and quality as it lives its mission. As members of the osteopathic medical profession, in an effort to instill loyalty and strengthen the profession, we recall the tenets on which this profession is founded – the dynamic interaction of mind, body and spirit; the body’s ability to heal itself; the primary role of the musculoskeletal system and preventive medicine as the key to maintain health.

We recognize the work our predecessors have accomplished in building the profession and we commit ourselves to continuing the work.


Michael M. Weinik, DO


Richard A. Goldberg, DO

President Elect

Robert Billow, DO

Vice President

Allison C. Warren, JD

Executive Director

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