President's Welcome

Andrew (Drew) Woods, D.O.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AOCPMR)!

AOCPMR is an awesome organization where you can find mentors/mentees, friends, and colleagues in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

As a resident council, our primary interests are to assist in providing educational programs and other career preparation pertinent to the interests of residents. These include serving in resident committees to practice leadership skills, providing a forum for residents to be recognized for outstanding accomplishments in various settings including speaking opportunities to faculty, residents, and/or medical students, as well as networking with other members of the field who may have a career path a resident may be seeking.

The resident council exists to serve and advocate for its members. Our council is open to suggestions and any ideas that will help serve the interest of the resident members of the AOCPMR. I hope that this place is where a resident can find one’s mentor in this broad field of PM&R and guide osteopathic medical students who are interested in PM&R with excitement.

Andrew (Drew) Woods, D.O.
AOCPMR Resident Council President
University of Louisville, PGY-3