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Journal Club March 2014: Piriformis syndrome

On March 7, 2014, in Journal Club, by StudentAdmin

Article title: Brief review: Piriformis syndrome: etiology, diagnosis, and management Authors: Danilo Jankovic, MD; Philip Peng, MBBS; Andre van Zundert, MD, PhD Journal/Source: Can J Anesth/J Can Anesth (2013) 60:1003-1012 Discussion: In this narrative review, the authors aim to provide the pathophysiology and diagnostic criteria of piriformis syndrome.  Piriformis syndrome is an underdiagnosed cause of buttock and leg pain that […]

Journal Club January 2014: Insulin Dysregulation in Spinal Cord Injury

On January 22, 2014, in Journal Club, by StudentAdmin

Article title: The hemodynamic actions of insulin are blunted in the sublesional microvasculature of healthy persons with spinal cord injury. Authors: La Fountaine MF, Rivera DR, Radulovic M, Bauman WA. Journal/Source: American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 2013;92: 127-135. Discussion: This study put together a few main points and tried to understand their interrelation: 1) Insulin is […]

Journal Club December 2013: Gait Initiation in Transfemoral Amputees

On December 10, 2013, in Journal Club, by StudentAdmin

Article title: Detection of the onset of gait initiation using kinematic sensors and EMG in transfemoral amputees Authors:  Wentink EC, Schut VG, Prinsen EC, Rietman JS, Veltink PH. Journal/Source: Gait & Posture, Volume 37, Issue 2, February 2013, Pages 223–228 Discussion: In this study we determined if detection of the onset of gait initiation in transfemoral amputees can be useful for voluntary control of upper leg prostheses. From six […]

Journal Club November 2013: Risk Factors for Discharge Among Stroke Patients

On December 10, 2013, in Journal Club, by StudentAdmin

Article title: Risk Factor For Discharge to An Acute Care Hospital From Inpatient Rehabilitation Among Stroke Patients Authors:  Pamela Roberts, PhD. Margaret DiVita, PhD. Richard Riggs, MD. Paulette Niewczyk, PhD. Brittany Bergquist, RN. Carl Granger, MD. Journal/Source: PM&R, 22 August 2013 Discussion: The goal of this article was to identify medical and functional health risk factors of being […]

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