Welcome Students


In recent years the AOCPMR has been drastically growing as an organization and our resources have become more abundant then ever before. Our ideas and experiences are shaping the Student Council each month, much like the dynamic medical specialty. The breadth of our work within AOCPMR is broad and our contributions are significant. As this specialty is keen on function, we are focused on delivering all of the tools students may want and need to succeed as students, residents, and future physiatrists. As a whole we listen to our members and seek to provide the very best experiences, resources, and information to medical students interesting in making an impact in the field of PM&R.


The AOCPMR Student Council is comprised of more than 25 medical school chapters throughout the country, each with chapter officers- a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Research Liaison/ Journal Club Chairperson. There is one national student council executive committee- overseeing the chapters and driving development of new student programs and chapter resources. Members of the student council executive committee report to the AOCPMR Executive Board, provide student input into new College initiatives, and solicit resources and funding for chapter activities and student members. We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic medical students to help strengthen and expand active chapters, and for students to assist AOCPMR in establishing new chapters. We’d love to hear from you, aocpmr_ommand we’d love to hear how we could better serve your chapter!

Additionally, the AOCPMR Student Council provides a plethora of other student-focused resources and tools for medical students. Students seeking guidance and support in their medical school journey can take advantage of the AOCPMR Student Mentorship Program, and develop lasting professional relationships with practicing physiatrists and residents. Student members have exclusive access to new and ongoing research projects in PM&R, and can apply to these projects through the members-only portion of aocpmr.org. Student members can stay gain a sense of mastery and familiarity with the PM&R literature though the AOCPMR Journal Club each month. Additionally, students have the opportunity, through their chapters, to participate in clinical workshops, attend PM&R lectures, events, and regional activities, as well as get involved at the national student council level. The advantages of being an AOCPMR student member are many, and I hope that you truly considering investing in your own future and join today. The price is minimal- about two grande lattes a year- but the benefit is significant. And with the cost of membership going directly back to you, your chapter, and 100% student programming- it’s about one thing…value. AOCPMR values you and your membership. Thank you again for your interest in AOCPMR.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone on the student council- we hope to hear from you and/or your chapter, and we hope to see you soon in Florida! Best of luck to you in all your endeavors, in medical school and beyond! Follow the Link below to sign up today!

Kind regards,

Jesse Walker, OMS-IV
President, AOCPMR Student Council Executive Committee