Project ASK!

Third and fourth year of medical school is an exciting time as you begin audition rotations, interviews, and eventually residency selection.  However it is also filled with some of the hardest decisions of your medical career as you attempt to gaze into the future, hoping to glimpse how each decision will affect your chances of matching at your top residency program.  Project ASK! was created by AOCPMR members in efforts to help ease this process for students by creating a new and easy way to share residency information.
What is “Project ASK!” ?
Project ASK! is a collaborative national peer mentorship program designed to facilitate medical students facilitate communication with PM&R programs across the country.
What are the benefits of applying?
As a medical student interested in the field of PM&R, you can apply to Project ASK! and obtain program specific information and mentorship from one of the current 86 ACGME and AOA PM&R residency program representatives.  Learn more about the culture of an institution directly from the source!   Project ASK! aims to increase medical student awareness of unique differences within residency training programs allowing you to make more informed decisions regarding residency rank order submissions and maximize your chance of acceptance into a program.
How does it work?
All requests through Project ASK! will be done through an online communication form.  This form will be received by an AOCPMR committee overseeing the program and will contact the residency program representative about your request for contact.  The residency program rep will then contact you to assist with any questions you may have.
How long will it take to hear from program representatives?
Allow about two – three weeks for a response! Residents are doing their best to balance mentoring students, taking care of patients, and catching up on their readings.   If your request was not followed up within three weeks, do not hesitate to reach out and the the committee will accelerate your communication.
Get Started and Apply Now!
Step 1) Visit the PM&R program map and decide which program(s) interest you
Step 2) Fill out the online communication form
Step 3) Allow about 2-3 weeks for a program representative to contact you
Step 4) Take a moment to discuss how you gather information regarding rotations and residency programs by filling out our preliminary survey!