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To My Fellow Osteopathic Physiatrists, Residents, Students and Peers,I have the privilege and honor of welcoming you to this inaugural edition of the Journal of Osteopathic Physiatry (JOP)! With this publication the American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AOCPMR) embarks on a new adventure, and I am thrilled to serve as the Editor-in-Chief for this voyage. We as a profession now have the means to further explore the perfect union between osteopathic principles and practices, and the function-driven interdisciplinary approach of physical medicine and rehabilitation. This journal in its fledgling state has the potential to grow in any number of directions, but above all else my hope is that we as a college use this outlet as a mouthpiece to further our mission of providing added value services to its members in the areas of advocacy, education and practice.

We may opt to post opinion pieces regarding controversial or pressing issues facing our profession, or we may use the space to disseminate best practices regarding clinical care or education. The JOP may present the opportunity to educate our membership regarding our profession’s rich history and numerous contributions to the wider medical community, or it could be the place for residents and osteopathic medical students to try their hand at publication. In truth, the JOP could become all of these things, or something different all-together.

How will the future of this publication be determined? That is up to our membership to decide. As Editor-in-Chief, I see two major roles and responsibilities for myself: 1) to ensure the highest standards of quality for any article that is published here, and 2) to curate the content such that the needs of our membership are optimally met. That being said, the content for the JOP will need to come from you, the reader. I call on you to seize hold of this opportunity to share your knowledge and your love of our profession with your colleagues. Share your research endeavors. Share your critical thoughts, well- reasoned policy positions, unusual cases, topic reviews, special communications, and anything else that might be beneficial for our profession.


I look forward to watching as the JOP takes shape over these next few publications, and hearing what our membership has to say. Let us work together to make our message an extraordinary one!To submit an article for consideration, please email us at JOP@AOCPMR.org and include a cover letter and PDF version of your article. We will respond with a simple form to be filled out that will provide us with more information, and help us identify a peer reviewer for your submission.

This first-ever edition of the Journal of Osteopathic Physiatry could not have come to fruition without the tireless efforts of our editorial team, Bruno Subbarao, Amir Mahajer, Ronald Tolchin, and Colleen Neubert. I want to take this time to thank them for all of their hard work and for having the vision to see the possibility of what could be. I also want to thank the AOCPMR leadership, Stephanie Wilson, and Lisa Nash for their unending support. And finally I want to thank you, the reader, for your part both today as a reader and tomorrow as a contributor in the success of this new journal!

Respectfully submitted,

Sajid A. Surve, D.O. Editor-in-Chief Journal of Osteopathic Physiatry


We are currently redesigning our Journal and will launch the new look and feel with our new website in September. Please check back with us.

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