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AOCPMR Resident Council
American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Leadership Positions

The vision of the American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is that we are dedicated to providing leadership for the PMR profession and to providing a home to osteopathic PMR practitioners.


Chairs the Resident Council, oversees the Resident Council officers and runs council meetings. Serves on relevant AOCPMR Executive committees as necessary. Presents an update of the council activities at annual and mid-year meetings. Required attendance at the mid-year meeting. Voting member of the Council.

Vice President

Works with the President to guide the Resident Council. Works directly with the President on the various initiatives the council determines to undertake and perform the President’s duties on occasions when the President cannot. Co-chairs the mid-year meeting w/ the education liaison. Required attendance at the mid-year meeting. Voting member of the Council.

Secretary/ Treasurer

Attends all council meetings where he/she takes minutes and distributes to the council. Assists in coordination of council meetings and committee meetings. Collects and distributes requested information from the committee chairs. Provides input into the budget process for the Resident Council. Purchases material for completion of council business. Liaises w/ the Executive Council Treasurer. Required attendance at the mid-year meeting. Voting member of the Council.

Membership Committee Chair

Oversee the Regional Representatives and be a two-way communication resource between the Resident council and the regional and program representatives. Provides guidance and information to the regional reps for dissemination to the Program representatives and general membership. Works to expand the membership, both of DO and MD resident members. Keeps resident membership list updated and available for use. Works with the student liaison to cultivate a list of student members for future membership as residents. Manages, retrieves and organizes contact information for resident members and council members. Assists in the development of council projects as available. Encouraged to attend the mid-year meeting.

Membership Committee Vice Chair

The membership vice chair will assist the membership chair.

Membership Communication Liaison

The membership communication liaison will primarily assist regional representative in reaching out to their respective programs. Responsibilities will include producing and managing communication templates, as well as keeping an up to date list of contact information for each program and region.

Regional Representatives

Regional representatives are a crucial member of the Resident Council acting as the primary contact between the Resident Council with the national membership body. The country has been divided into six (6) regions based on concentration of residency programs, creating a total of eight (8) positions of regional representative. (Please see the national map for region breakdown). Highly encouraged to attend the mid-year conference.

Primary duties include the following: 1) Maintain a relationship with a resident representative at each program, or recruit such a representative if none yet exists. 2) Organize a minimum of one regional event per year with the assistance of the Educational and Membership Chairs. 3) Write one article per year for consideration to be included in the Journal of Physiatry. 4) Assist in connecting the residents with the Resident Council and the college as a whole by disseminating information in a personal manner to the program representatives. 5) Make monthly contact by phone or email with the program representatives of the region with updates to the membership chair and president.

Member Services Chair

The member services chair will be responsible for membership tracking, recruitment, and retention. The member services chair will work with most of the resident council to improve all aspects regarding our members.

ProjectAsk! Chair

The ProjectAsk! chair will be directly involved in overseeing and managing the ProjectAsk! program.

Project Make It Happen Chair

The Project Make It Happen Chair will be responsible for directly managing and overseeing Project Make It Happen.

Mentorship Program Chair

The Mentorship Program Chair will be responsible for the organization and maintenance of the mentorship program, including mentors and mentees.

Residency Spotlight Chair

This position includes selecting a residency program to highlight, as well as writing content on a regular basis for website and social media promotion.

Education Chair

1) Co-chair for Publication and Research– promotes research among residents and works to coordinate connection of residents with students interested in assisting resident research projects. Chairs the poster presentation at the mid-year meeting while assisting the conference chair in planning and implementing the mid-year meeting. Assist as needed with the Journal of Physiatry. Required to attend the mid-year meeting.

2) Co-chair for Resident Education/Conference Chair – Coordinates with regional representatives to put on regional educational and social events. Works with the President and Vice President to plan the resident track for the mid-year meeting. Liaises with the Student and Executive Council conference planners to coordinate resident involvement in student and executive tracks. Attendance at mid-year meeting is required.

Fellowship Database Representative

Works to expand opportunities for membership to connect with job opportunities offered by the attending membership. Works with Education Committee Chair to organize regional and national job fairs. Assists membership chairs in assimilating and understanding information pertaining to employment. Identifies high-yield topics relating to employment and marketability of job candidates. Encouraged to attend the mid-year meeting.

Mid-year Meeting Liaison

The MYM Liaison will be responsible for planning and organizing the job and residency fair for the mid year meeting.

Media Liason

The media liason will be responsible for planning educational materials for online distribution. The media liason will work in conjunction with each educational committee member to help prepare materials to be posted online. This role will primarily involve the planning and writing of educational content.

Website Chair

Works with Executive Director and Web-Master to manage and maximize appearance and accuracy of content on the website. Works with council to continuously improve web-presence, bring material up to date and ensure accessibility of forms and applications. Assists in the management of social media devices. Encouraged to attend the mid-year meeting.

Social Media Chair

The social media chair is responsible for managing and posting to the various social media platforms. The social media chair will be responsible for producing content as well as working with various other members to assist in creating content for their respective area.

Technical Liaison

This position is responsible for providing technical support for the resident council and will also help manage the website and social media platforms. The technical liason’s responsibilities will include guiding educational projects from a technical stand point, oversight of social media platforms and the AOCPMR resident website, working with the media liason to help formulate an action plan.