AOCPMR Student Research Initiative

Brought to you by the AOCPMR Student Council


Looking for a medical student to assist you on a research project?
Drafting a manuscript and want a medical student to help you?

Putting together a poster presentation or case report?
Need a student to help you with a literature review?
Writing a book chapter or article and need reviewers?


Please Consider Becoming a Research Sponsor for an AOCPMR Student member!


The AOCPMR proudly announces our new Student Research Initiative. Our aim is to connect you with medical students eager to offer valuableassistance on research. We plan to facilitate the process of seeking out medical students for assistance by posting your requests to our AOCPMR student members- only our members will view your research project request.

We believe this initiative will be an enriching experience for both students and research sponsors, and provide a strong foundation for a generation of researchers in the field of PM&R.

In addition, your current project will be made known to our active student members only, allowing you to select the most qualified students from across the country- students that are truly interested in PM&R and a member of our AOCPMR family.

Throughout the year, we will be sending out emails and making phone calls to seek out research sponsors interested in seeing their own work completed with the help of a student. Perhaps this initiative can be the impetus to jumpstart your own projects, or the push in the right direction for a stalled project that is near completion. Whatever your goals or staffing needs are, we hope you'll take advantage of this win-win situation for our College members.

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AOCPMR Student Research Committee