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Journal Club November 2012: Reliability of Neurological Classification of SCI in Children

Article title:  The International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal CordInjury: reliability of data when applied to children and youths Authors:  MJ Mulcahey*,1, J Gaughan2, RR Betz3 and KJ Johansen4

Journal/Source:  Spinal Cord(2007) 45, 452–459

Discussion: The primary purpose of this research study was to define the lower age limit in which the ISCSCI motor and sensory exams generate reliable data. In order to achieve this purpose, the reproducibility of the ISCSCI motor and sensory exam when applied to children and youths between birth and 21 years of age with stable SCI was examined.  This study demonstrated that the ISCSCI motor and sensory exams most likely do not have utility in children less than 4 years of age and hence, may not be clinically appropriate methods to determine neurological consequence of SCI in infants and toddlers. Also, despite completing the sensory exam, children under 10 years of age were anxious and stressed by the PP exam. Additional studies with a larger pool of subjects with incomplete and complete paraplegia and tetraplegia in each age group is needed. Also, modifications of the exam for children under 10 years may be warranted. It is recommended that the international standards committee, a committee established to provide expert and ongoing review of the ICSCI, incorporate pediatric considerations and modifications into future revisions of the ISCSCI by using findings from this study and from future studies that will follow.

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Full-text Article:AOCPMR Journal Club November Article

Review with Questions Download: AOCPMR Journal Club Nov 2012