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Journal Club March 2012: Burn Rehabilitation

Article title: Rehabilitation Methods for the Burn Injured Individual
MC Spires, BM Kelly, and PH Pangilinan
Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am 18 (2007) 925–948

Even though it may seem that burn injuries only effect the skin, many factors regarding rehabilitation need to be considered. From neuropathy to contracture, limb loss to facial disfigurement, all effect our patients and need to be incorporated into physiatric treatment plans.

Reviewer:Richard C. Swedarsky, OMS-IV, Educational Committee Co-Chair, AOCPMR Student Council

Full-text Article: March JC article- Burn Rehab (pdf)
Review with Questions Download: AOCPMRJournalClub-Mar2012-BurnRehab-DISCUSSION (pdf)

Journal Club February 2012: Cancer Rehabilitation

Article title: Neuromuscular Complications of Cancer and Cancer Treatments

Authors: Christian Custodio, M.D.

Journal/Source: PM&R Clinic of North America, February 2008


With improved detection methods including earlier screening and better imaging techniques, and a multimodal therapeutic approach, cancer has become a chronic disease. As the number of cancer survivors continues to rise, physiatrists will encounter individuals with residual impairments, disabilities, or handicaps directly and indirectly from the oncogenic process or secondary to therapy. Recognition of associated neuromuscular complications of cancer and cancer treatments can be a challenge. It is important to understand the wide, multifactorial array of potential etiologies and to be able to design specific, individualized rehabilitation treatments to the oncologic patient and survivor.

Reviewer: Gregory Burkard Jr., OMS-IV, NYCOM, Educational Committee, AOCPMR Student Representative

Full-text Article: February JC article- Cancer Rehab (pdf)
Review with Questions Download: AOCPMRJournalClub-Feb2012-CancerRehab-DISCUSSION (pdf)

From The Executive Director

We had a great meeting in Philadelphia last month. Thank you to our attendees, our exhbitors, our sponsors and and our presenters. Photos are posted on the AOCPMR FaceBook page so please take a look for that and be sure to "like" us on FaceBook. The lectures presented in Philadelphia will be posted this week and available for download for all members.

The Pain Medicine CAQ is moving forward very nicely and Ellen Woods will be providing a more detailed update in our newsletter that will be published later this week. Please be sure to look for that. Things are in place and set for a great meeting at OMED this October in San Diego. Visit the AOA website to register for that. We are planning our Musculoskeletal UltraSound Course for Breckenridge this January 17-20 and registration will open for that very shortly. Be sure to reserve early as the spots will fill up quickly.

Committees are in full action and working hard. There is plenty of room for anyone who would like to become more involved. Please consider it.

Check the website often for updates and notifications. We are working on the next generation of the site and appreciate feedback. Thanks.


We are moving along with the Pain Medicine CAQ. The basic standards have been edited and submitted to the AOA for approval. We also have Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Neurologists and Psychiatrists on board with us and each of them has written a letter to the AOA approving our standards and affirming their committment to our CAQ. The AOBPMR is working hard on their assignments and we are expecting have great news to report next month in Philadelphia on the Pain Medicine CAQ. Stay tuned . . . .


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