A word from the Executive Director Stephanie Wilson

I’ve been thinking of ‘that’ word which most accurately describes the essence of our record breaking Mid Year Meeting which concluded this week in Annapolis. The lectures, the venue, the attendees, the excitement...it was Magic. In all, 90 attending physicians and residents, 170 medical students and a host of enthusiastic minds and curious eyes filled the Loews Hotel as Brian Kahan chaired our largest attended AOCPMR conference EVER!
Side by side in the Grand Ball Room of the Loews Hotel, simultaneous lectures were delivered to both the physicians and medical students. The dialogue, the camaraderie, the exchange of advice and ideas all clearly exemplify why the AOCPMR sets the bar as the professional organization for others to emulate.
The festivities kicked off on Thursday evening with a cocktail hour followed by program chair Brian Kahan welcoming the attendees. After which, he gave the inaugural lecture on Pain Management which was followed by a heated discussion on Healthcare reform. Our College’s Government Affairs chairperson, Carl Shapiro, and the AOA’s healthcare lobbyist, Shawn Martin, presented contrasting perspectives for the policy changes we will all likely soon witness.
The Member Dinner on Friday evening was filled with good friends, delicious food, lots of laughs and mostly a convergence of the history and the future of our terrific organization. One of our historians, Wayne English, shared some of his personal thoughts at the dinner and as a result, there were “tears of joy” in people’s eyes. AOCPMR President Estelle Farrell also welcomed everyone and recognized the students and residents for their great strides and wonderful efforts this past year.
While this is a most challenging time in healthcare, it is a most exciting time for our organization. We’ve been working hard and it shows. We have broken new ground and are on the cusp of the most exciting time ever. Our membership is strong, surpassing 1,000 this month. A growing team of dedicated members have been stepping up and are getting involved. But the story only begins there because we are not just about numbers. We have cultivated an atmosphere of a true brotherhood where people are eager to become involved. Our committees are growing because members are stepping up and asking where they can help. Not only are the numbers of people involved growing, we are branching out to new territory. Last year we officially established and launched the Government Affairs Committee headed by Carl Shapiro. We also have secured an Investment Manager to oversee our financial portfolio. Soon, we will create the New Physicians Council to help new physicians in practice to realize success.
The Student Conference was an overwhelming success. Resident membership attendance increased dramatically at this conference and the poster presentations were very well received. Several non-member physicians registered for the conference and then joined our organization on site because they felt the Magic all around them.
I hope that everyone that was in Annapolis will plan to join us at the AOA Unified Convention this October in San Francisco. Our didactic sessions will be posted very soon for that meeting. The Mid Year for 2011 will be in the Phoenix metropolitan area and the dates and hotel will be announced very shortly.
THINGS ARE GREAT! The College is blazing new territory and there is Magic in the air . . . .

Strategic Planning for the College

Strategic Planning for the College has begun and we are continuing along a path we began almost four years when Dr. Scott Naftulin took over as President. Under Dr. Naftulin's direction, we worked with a consultant to define our vision and mission and get a better sense of who and what the College is and its purpose for existence. Since that time, we have grown to almost quadruple our member size and now it's time to begin looking at a long range strategic plan and moving toward implementing it. The Executive Leadership will convene in September with the assistance of the AOA and work toward developing a plan to be presented to the College at the Annual Meeting in Orlando. The first step is to survey our members and ask for their input. Please take a moment to complete a brief survey that will guide our leaders in planning for the best interests of you, the members. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE SURVEY NOW PLEASE